Our Ductless HVAC

Authority Heating & Cooling is proud and excited to offer the Utah County community professional ductless HVAC maintenance and installation services. Ductless AC is beneficial for many reasons; as its name implies, there is no need for any ductwork when installing this type of unit. This alone will save you hundreds on a new AC installation service for your home or office.

Also, ductless AC units offer other short and long-term benefits as well. For example, a ductless unit is extremely easy to install and is guaranteed to distribute air more evenly throughout a home compared to other AC units. This even distribution is highly efficient, which therefore saves you money on your home's temperature regulation. Furthermore, they are relatively small pieces of equipment that work well with any room’s existing aesthetic, so you never have to worry about an ugly look. For all of these reasons and more, we encourage you to contact Authority Heating & Cooling today for assistance with your ductless HVAC unit installation in Utah County.

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